Using Lightning Data to Locate Natural Resources


Mining Lightning Data

Lightning is a new exploration geophysical data type!  It ocures everywhere on planet earth (less dense near the poles and in deep water) and with strike data  available it can be used less expensively than other geophysical data types.

We have determined:

  • lightning strike locations cluster
  • strike locations appear to be controlled by telluric currents, despite topography, vegetation and infrastructure
  • lightning density clusters over oil and gas fields
  • lightning clusters continue offshore to shelf break (~200-300 ft water depths)
  • lightning data findings open several new areas of research and application

Lightning can be data mined and geostatistically analyzed.  Lightning can be used to map faults, predict seeps, sediment thickness.  Hence, it can locate subsurface Natural Resources such as Oil, Water and Gas fields.

NSEM or Natural Source Electromagnetics enables:

  • indexing, data mining and mapping lightning density/parameters
  • integration of this data type with other geological and geophysical data
  • supporting customers exploring for oil, gas, minerals, water and other natural resources

Dynamic Measurement’s data license, experience and intellectual property helps exploration geophysicists accelerate projects cost effectively.  Our mission is to provide a new, innovative approach to improve exploration for natural resources. Our economical patented processes lead to mapping and integrating a newly identified geophysical data type in the field of exploration.




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